Within our telecoms niche we offer a wide range of services and support

We offer a comprehensive range of associated services, using the latest and most relevant sector knowledge, including

Site management

Professionally dealing with every aspect of site management, we protect and where possible enhance income returns and leave you free to focus on your core business, knowing that your obligations are being met and your occupier’s covenants are being properly enforced.

Site Audits

By undertaking a review of existing agreements and site inspections, we are able to ensure that you are made aware of matters such as any outstanding arrears, whether equipment allowances have been adhered to and whether the site has been shared with another operator. More generally, we are able to advise whether an agreement is under rented and how we would maximise income for you.


We seek to secure preferential letting terms for all our landlord clients, whilst protecting your property and business interests. We negotiate agreements with a broad spectrum of telecommunication companies, the majority of which are reliable blue chip operators, which provides guaranteed income streams fundamental to strong capital yields.


Whether you are buying or selling telecom assets, we are well placed to provide you with impartial advice on how to best meet your objectives. Through our knowledge of this specialist sector, we can quickly identify the right seller or buyer and bring the two sides together, with an added emphasis on favourable transaction terms and speedy conclusion.

Professional Consultancy

Covers all aspects of day-to-day estate management, including renewals, rent reviews, third party referral, and dilapidations work. This extends to all manner of strategic advice where income might not necessarily be the sole objective.

Relocations and Removals

With experience on the operator’s side, we have in depth knowledge of the procedures operators have to follow to relocate a site, in addition to a full understanding of the complexities of the new Telecommunications Code and surrounding legislation. This enables us to ensure your redevelopment plans are not fettered by the presence of telecoms apparatus, and that costly legal fees or delays to your development programme are minimised.

Site Sharing

With the recent emphasis on network consolidation, we have a wealth of experience in the implications associated with site sharing, giving you a confident interpretation of site sharing, assignment and group company clauses, and where appropriate, negotiating new terms, whilst always working to protect your interests.

In-Building Solutions

Where network coverage is less than satisfactory, we facilitate improved mobile/broadband solutions for landlords, owners and tenant occupiers alike. This principally applies to commercial buildings in high rise urban areas,, where insufficient coverage comes at a cost to business.

Arc Partners works in conjunction with all parties, including the Network Operators themselves, to identify a plausible solution, agree the basis of the occupation, and facilitate works surrounding a proposed install/in-building system.