Offered Sites

Our expertise extends beyond rooftop

Our expertise extends beyond rooftop and greenfield base stations and the smaller micro cells of mobile telephony, to any form of electronic communications including fixed telephony, private mobile radio, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and the broadcasting of television and radio

Continuing demand

Over the last five years, the market has seen a great deal of network consolidation and site sharing. Arc Partners remain successful in underpinning value, guaranteeing income and creating new income opportunities for landlords.

Network consolidation has not diminished the demand for sites. With the emergence of Fourth Generation Technology (‘4G’), the requirement for more data based internet applications, a healthy demand for new sites is likely to remain.

Active marketing

We proactively market our clients’ sites, circulating property portfolios through a multitude of means, ensuring that the network operators and their agents will consider your site.

If you have an existing mast/aerial site, or you think you have a suitable property, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please contact the team by email or +44 20 3051 3299